Game consoles. Sales of gaming consoles have gone through the roof in March, confirming the industry’s robust condition

The gaming industry is experiencing its golden era during a pandemic. The popularity and time spent on this form of entertainment is growing (as we have already written in the Special Newsletter # 002). Also, sales of games are growing, especially since consumers can now but them online, thanks to the popularity of digital distribution (Special Newsletter # 010). But, the latest data show great sales results for gaming equipment, primarily – PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch consoles:

According to GSD data, sales of PS4, XOne and PS4 increased in Europe on March 12-22 by 155% year-on-year. Only 259 thousand consoles were sold for only a week. Excellent results were also recorded on March 9-15, when Spain and Italy introduced government restrictions in connection with the pandemic. At that time, console sales increased by 84%. In the UK, sales increased by 120% at the same time.

And what is the situation in Poland? We do not have comprehensive data, but one glance at data from Allegro confirms that the upward trend for console equipment is global: