Bicycle revolution. A bicycle instead of a gym, i.e. with the “new-old” employee benefits

The subject of a lease may be all tangible, movable or immovable things, which are used for conducting business activity. Does a bicycle meet this criterion Absolutely! Demonstrating that the bicycle will be used for business purposes is obvious – you can use it to get to the office, to a meeting with a customer or to take care of other business obligations. In a word, do all that is necessary to generate income. And if so, it can be leased and then offered to employees as an additional benefit.

The leasing of bicycles for companies is nothing new – products of this kind appeared on the market a few years ago (see the opposite page). Although it seemed that, as they fit perfectly into popular trends, they may gain a lot in popularity. They did not break into the sphere of consciousness and remained a niche, far behind such employee benefits as the Multisport card, an ordinary pool pass or a gym. Now, thanks to the pandemic, they are getting a second chance, and I think they will definately use it this time.

Firstly, because they are an excellent alternative to public transport, which we will try to avoid in the coming months (or maybe even years…). Secondly, they allow us to reach the office quite quickly and painlessly, avoiding traffic jams. And these are inevitable in the “new normality”. Thirdly, doing sports is very healthy, and healthy employees are a healthy company. But most of all, it is also a great opportunity for all companies which, on the one hand, want to fit in with current trends. On the other hand, they want to show their employees that they really care about them. Since such places as gyms or fitness clubs may be less popular, the “business bike” can become a real hit, which is something we wish to all good people (and ourselves!)!