Clothing industry. Spring is a crucial time for the fashion industry. Brands are seeking to use digital to take advantage of the seasonal demand

According to Gemius, in the period from February 10 to March 22, the clothing industry increased the number of ads by as much as 19% vs 6 previous weeks, which is the best “positive” among all categories.
A twofold increase in the number of advertising contacts can be observed. In the last week of the period under review, there were 1.3 billion, while in the first (week 7 of this year) – 633 million.

The heightened intensity of advertising activities in this industry was accompanied by an increase in interest in shop windows. Over the six analyzed weeks, the number of users visiting the top 10 stores (in terms of number of page views) increased by 1.5 million, and the number of generated page views – by 55.1 million.

The industry is trying proactively to fight for sales and the spring season, even despite the significant reduction in the number of open branches.