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New recommendation trend „Back to the new normal”

After being flooded in Q2 with pathetic ads related to the mission to fight Covid, now is the time to show how brands are ready for a return to reality or to a new reality. We can see three trends around which brands are moving:

1. Creating a completely new reality:

Here it is worth taking a look at Burger King restaurants and their “RESTAURANT OF TOMORROW” project . Burger King knows what the fears of its consumers related to whether the food is prepared in a safe way are, whether people working in the preparation of meals are definitely healthy and whether the place is definitely clean. The idea of Burger King seems to answer all these concerns. In the past we used to see such restaurants in sci-fi movies now they are becoming a reality. click

2. Facilitating the movement around the new reality

Thanks to creating technologies that facilitate impersonal and contact-free solutions. Two big brands like McDonalds and Starbucks have followed this path, creating applications that allow you to order and pay online. In its advertising campaign McDonalds explains the mechanism of the application and the fact that after placing your order you can pick up your order at the restaurant or in the drive-thru window. Starbucks also communicates with help in finding the nearest restaurant in addition to online orders and payments. click click

3. Return to a familiar reality, but maybe on a slightly different basis

The covid reality can be hard work from home, lockdown, no schools and kindergartens. Apple, referring to its previous ads “Apple at Work” with the same actors, showed how their devices can make it easier to work from home and as it always did so on point. click

Many rankings have been created in Poland and around the world showing that with lockdown people very much missed the opportunity to leave their homes. Now it is possible, but many orders and bans are imposed in public places. Heineken advertised that bars have been reopened, but at the same time it reminded us that this is a different reality and we should behave safely. click

Brands have to reckon with the fact that they are facing completely new challenges today. The market has changed, people have changed, new behaviours have appeared, which we have mentioned more than once in CMO insider. Brands should learn to function in the new normality and modify their marketing communication. For consumers this can mean many new, convenient and unexpected solutions, our favourite positive experiences that develop business.