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Educational media. Remote education has forced the creation of a new kind of medium – an educational one

Remote education is a challenge not only for teachers but also for students and parents. Research conducted by Centrum Cyfrowe shows the problems faced by all parties involved in the process. In addition to the lack of equipment or the time-consuming process, the teachers who participated in the study emphasize how isolation negatively affects children. They found themselves in a completely new situation, are subjected to enormous stress, miss their colleagues and daily routine.

To support students, especially high school graduation classes, the TVN group prepared “”. It is broadcast on Metro, also available on Materials for students are developed in accordance with the current core curriculum and guidelines of the Ministry of National Education. However, what makes different from other proposals of this type is the selection of teachers for this project. They are passionate people who prepare their own materials at home for high school students to repeat before final exams. Among the teachers are Polish teacher Katarzyna Włodkowska and English teacher Ewa Drobek. Both ladies belong to the Superbelfrzy group, which organizes various educational initiatives online. Krzysztof Chojecki deals with mathematics; he also runs the “Crazy Mathematician” vlog, where he explains multiple issues using as an example the results of a football club. His innovative teaching methods were appreciated and awarded. Thanks to the fact that teachers conducting know their recipients perfectly, they adapt content and convey the most compiled concepts in an accessible and exciting way.

In the context of online education, BBC has gone even further. Bitesize Daily is a comprehensive platform with lessons for children, but also with tips for parents, for whom remote teaching is also a challenge. The site has information on how to deal with homeschooling and how to organize time.

The BBC has recruited over 200 teachers for their project who teach lessons on a daily basis. To further diversify the materials and encourage children to learn, celebrities were also involved in the preparation of materials. Liam Payne – a former member of the band One Direction and Mabel – a 24-year-old singer, very popular among young people, teach music and reading, footballer Sergio Aguero teaches Spanish, Sir David Attenborough geography, and economist and former education minister Ed Ballsmathematics. Bitesize Daily is an excellent example of how important it is to define and understand the target group in creating content; in this case, both students and their parents.