e-Commerce. Time to sum up the lockdown period. How are domestic e-commerce websites doing?

From the turn of January and February, the number of page views devoted to online shopping increased by 45.7%. The time users spend on websites has also increased by almost 40%. The most significant increases were recorded by, with 17th and with a 9-fold increase in page views. In other words, websites that are far from being able to offer products of “first necessity”, which – in theory – we were supposed to reach primarily in this challenging period.

However, the leader with the most significant number of page views per week is Allegro, which was mentioned in the Newsletter of 02/04/2020 and although here the increase in page views was not so significant, because only by 5%, users spend on this site even 70% more time than in January. It shows that when visiting Allegro we are looking for more products there, so we treat the website as intended by its owners – as a vast and diverse marketplace.

In the current situation, no one is surprised by the increase in users’ interest in online pharmacies, but there are also significant increases in page views for electronics, household appliances and literature, music and film stores. In a word, all domestic e-commerce got a massive injection of visits and new users. Was he able to use it – we will only find out.

Source : Gemius