​Poles’ shopping – how do we approach shopping in the times of new normality

Deloitte shared the latest results of the “Global State of the Consumer Tracker” – its cyclical survey, which is conducted every two weeks. The company has taken a closer look at consumers in 18 countries – including Polish citizens. The report from the survey covers moods in relation to the coronavirus and consumer behaviour. ​

Safety first

56% of Poles are worried about their own health and safety, and almost ¾ of us (71%) are worried about the health of our loved ones. Although indicators in this respect have fallen by 1 percentage point, they still remain high. ​

We are slowly moving away from buying into stock, but we are looking for opportunities 

The number of Poles choosing to buy products for stock dropped by 3 percentage points. At the moment 38% of respondents declare this. However, if an opportunity is found and the price of the product will be attractive – more than half (51%) will decide to buy such a product, even though they had no such intention before. Bargain hunting decreases with age. 38% of 55+ people are bargain hunters, while in the 18-34 age group the result was 63%. ​

We are more willing to choose what is local

As we get older, the willingness to buy products from local suppliers decreases. 60% of people aged 18-34 declare that in the future they plan to buy more products from local sources, even if they will be slightly more expensive, and in the older group: 55+, this indicator is 46%. Considering the general approach to local products, this indicator is 52% and remains stable in relation to the previous study. ​

We prefer to buy groceries in stationary stores

Despite the wide range of possibilities offered by e-commerce, only 4% declare that they will do their grocery shopping online, and as much as 82% are more willing to do it in a stationary store. Compared to the previous survey, this indicator increased by 3 percentage points. Our sense of security during stationary shopping has also increased – from 45% to 54% – but it decreases with age. As many as 88% of people in the 55+ age group will decide to shop in a stationary store in the next 4 weeks, while 73% of respondents in the younger group 18-34 declared this. ​

When making e-purchases, we most often decide to buy books

Alcohol and grocery shopping are the items that we would decide to buy online most rarely. The largest group of respondents would buy books in the next 4 weeks online (54%), while 21% of the respondents would decide to buy in stationary stores. 43% of respondents would also decide to buy electronics online, while 27% would consider buying this type of goods in stationary stores. ​

It is also a good timing to focus on promoting electronic equipment in online marketing – especially as the new school year approaches. ​\

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